Cake Cult London formally Vegan Delice

The wonderful folk at Cake Cult London, a family vegan baking business from London, have shared a fantastic vegan Simnel cake recipe with us.

This recipe is sure to turn even the biggest fruitcake sceptic among us into a loving convert.

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Vegan Delice (pronounced “de-lease” for “deliciousness”) is a vegan bakery in the heart of Dalston. It is also London’s first vegan hot donuts stand, which specialises in cakes, donuts and cookies.

Entrepreneur and vegan Chanel Delice is the founder of the bakery. In an interview with Eastlondonlines she explained how her vegan journey began and the history behind her successful business. “About two and a half years ago, I 

Meet London’s NEW Vegan Bakery: Vegan Delice

October 14, 2016London Vegan Bunny


Finding a vegan cupcake that tastes like your normal everyday egg/butter cupcake is hard to come by… but I’m pretty sure I’ve found the one! 

Meet Chanel, founder of Vegan Delice -the hot new bakery in London town *you heard it here first* who whips up the cutest, yummiest cupcakes around.  

Chanel takes pride in her bakes by making everything from scratch; all creams, jams, toppings, fillings THE LOT, to ensure that the final product is COMPLETELY vegan.

I was lucky enough to sample her most popular cupcakes, doughnuts and biscuits *it was a great day* and I’ve gotta say… I was pretty impressed.

My very non vegan Dad joined me in the taste test and he enjoyed every bite –especially the Coco Red Velvet– so my thinking is…

If a non vegan is asking for another batch of cakes, the bakery is a winner!

Chanel Delice, founder of bakery business Vegan Delice that serves dairy-free cupcakes, biscuits, breads and hot doughnuts, first sold her products at a car boot sale at Shacklewell Lane mosque, and hopes to return there in the future. “It’s great that vegan products can cross over to Muslims’ dietary needs due to no animal products being used,” she says.

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Welcome to

Welcome to CAKE CULT LONDON previously Vegan Delice. We are a family Business based in Dalston, London. Many of our family are Vegan through Choice and some because of allergies.

Our customers are people with food sensitivities & allergies, , diabetics and dieters, healthy eaters, vegans, and indeed

anyone else interested in artisan speciality baking.  


We do not ​use eggs, butter, milk, yoghurt, cream, animal fats.



​We invite you to place your orders with us for whatever you fancy by telephone, text or email.

If you would like to have some further ingredients removed or substituted such as nuts or soya, or would like us to use artificial sweeteners, just let us know

You don't need to be vegan, or have a dairy intolerance, to enjoy our products. 

We know our cakes are every bit as delicious as anything made with eggs, dairy and animal by-products.
In fact, they're much better as there's zero cruelty to animals - who wouldn't support that?

If you are vegan, be assured all cakes are produced in a 100% vegan environment with no trace of animal products or derivatives. 
All cakes are baked to order and sent via a next day delivery.