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We are famous for our classic Bakewells, it has a light biscuity pastry layered with tart raspberry jam then a deliciously moist frangipan almond layered on top and baked to perfection.

You can choose to have this with or with out icing and a cherry on top ofcourse.

Taking Pre orders for postal deliveries across the UK



100% Plant based , Vegan , Halal , Dairy Free


Main Ingredients : Wheat flour,Sugar,vegan margarine (sustainably sourced palm oil) coconut milk,oat milk ,almonds, nuts,


*Wheat *Gluten *Nuts *Almonds




Blessed Bakewell

  • 6 x Delicious freshly baked Bakewell slices 

    This is usually a 3 day turn around so please include in the notes your contact  number so we can arrange deliveries also include and any allergies .


    free delivery on local addresses 3 miles radious to en1 after this there is a delivery charge. collections are always welcome.


    100% Plant based , Vegan , Halal , Dairy Free

    contains* wheat, gluten ,nuts, almomds 


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