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It’s more than cake – it’s a cult! 

Cake Cult London is a fresh new addition to the London food scene – and they’re calling for new cult members to enjoy delicious plant based cakes!


Bringing a new perspective to how we enjoy cake and treats, Cake Cult London have thought through every last detail, including the quote-peppered packaging, with tantalizing notes, such as ‘You Have Been Initiated’ and ‘The End Is Nigh’ as you approach the end of your box of goodies.


While Cake Cult London like to be a little edgy, the treats that they create are classics, such as heavenly croissants, punchy pastries, cheeky Cherry Bakewells and elegant Viennese Whirls. Each and every cake and treat are freshly baked and Cake Cult also offer a bespoke occasion cake design service for a special birthday or a wedding.  

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