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The Sweetest Vegan Bakery In London!

When it comes to cake we got you, at Cake Cult London we like to think that you have the best options for a special treat and the

special factor is that the girls in the bakery make everything with a big sprinkle of love and kindness. This Veganuary we are treating you special by offering a discount code for our online shop :Veganuary23 for a generous 25%

How about try our Delicious Bakewell this Veganuary?

We also have a delicious selection of treats for a special Afternoon tea:

Our Moorish scones and Culted cream is a perfect for gift for a loved one

or a treat for yourself,we can post this out or you can dine with us at Hackney Bridge #veganuary23

Sweet treats for everyone!

Love to afternoon tea? Good news!

You can book in your Afternoon tea this month and use the discount voucher code : Veganuary23 (#vegan #london #bakery)

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